Cornelius Kipkemboi, "Kamariny'.

"I live around the corner from the Kenyan Riders camp, this placed called Kamariny (it's pronounced 'Kamarin', why, we don't know - editor). It's next to the running track in Iten, and we get the best athletes in the world training there. I cycled around the camp where I met Nicholas and asked to join the team. He told me to wait for a race. 

"Once Nick got me to do a maths problem. He wanted me to calculate the gearing ratio that Froome used in an ITT at the Vuelta. It turned out to be a pretty big gear, and Froome was spinning pretty quickly. I guess that's why Froome is Froome.

"By Kenyan standards, I've not had an exceptional life. But I'm in Kenyan Riders so that I can have one."