Last week was meant to be one of quiet preparation. Half the team was to go race in the Tour of Sarawak (more of that later) and the other half to the Tour of Mansfield (in Victoria, Australia) this week.

So it was supposed to be a week honing skills at local races like the weekly Sandown criterium.

And participating the Coburg Cycling Club criterium on Saturday March 12.

At least, that was the plan.

But life has a way of throwing curve balls (yes, I’m mixing metaphors here - mea culpa).

Gichora took a tumble at the Coburg criterium and got to experience an ER in a Melbourne hospital first hand. Fortunately, he did not suffer serious injuries and he’s about to head for the hills (pun intended) - the Tour of Mansfield. Video footage showed that the pile up wasn’t his fault. 

Image courtesy of Stewart Crowley

Image courtesy of Stewart Crowley

In a weird twist of events, the organizers of the Tour of Sarawak did a no show at their race even though teams had flown into Miri from various parts of the planet. The tour was canceled without any explanation. Our riders were very disappointed, and understandably so.

Morgan Smith tweeted, “I just want to race my bike! @ProDownunder @TourOfSarawak Thanks for wasting everyone's time and money. #GC

According to a Borneo Post article, it appears that the Malaysian government is trying to calm the waters with the announcement that the Malaysian National Cycling Federation would defray the transportation costs of participating teams.

Drama aside, our Kenyan lads have moved into the team house in Mernda (a suburb north east of Melbourne). A big thank you to our friends and supporters who’ve donated furniture and appliances. 

KRD Team House: The lounge room

KRD Team House: The lounge room

Kenyan Riders Downunder are helping to raise funds for Bicycles for Humanity via the Cycle for Humanity 2016 campaign at the Tour of Mansfield this weekend. Bicycles for Humanity is an Australian NGO that helps alleviate poverty in developing economies by giving people bicycles, and providing these communities with the facilities and training to maintain bicycles.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Support a good cause through your favorite Kenyan cyclist(s). Click on one or more of the links below and donate to Cycle for Humanity 2016.

p.s. With a little luck, we’ll have some GoPro footage of the Tour of Mansfield next week.

Video by Simon Blake