Our Kenyan lads have been improving by leaps and bounds. They’ve been testing hypotheses and getting closer to a podium finish with each Victoria Racing Series (VRS) event. Here’s a snapshot of the last two VRS races.

The real action takes place during stage 3 of the tour of East Gippsland (February 28, 2016). Our man Suleiman Kangangi joined the 3 man breakaway about 10 km into the stage. One of those three was Paul van der Ploeg - the 2013 XCE Eliminator world champion and 2013 Australia Cyclo-cross champion.

The break stayed ahead of the peloton till 900 m before the finish line. In a post-race interview on Youtube, Sean Lake of Avanti Isowhey said that the peloton was cranking out a massive 450 watts before they managed to overtake the break.

Suleiman finished that stage in 38th place.


The next big race for KRD was the Tour of Mansfield, also by VRS.

Here’s the report about stage 3 (March 20, 2016) from Simon Blake, KRD’s Assistant Director of Sport.

Joseph Gichora was up the front of the bunch covering any moves just in case for KRD.
With 10 km to the start of the climb everybody wanted to be at the front resulting in a very fast pace to the ticket box.

At the base of climb more attacks and surging.

KRD wanted a steady high pace so with 8 km to go, Geoffery Langat went to the front of the peloton, the high pace dropped lots of cyclists. With 3 km to go Suleiman stepped up the pace again and got a gap of 300m from the remaining cyclists only to be caught under 500m to the summit.

A great aggressive ride from the team and a chance well worth taking.

Suleiman 8th in the stage. The rest of the guys played out their roles in the team very well to get Suleiman as high up as possible.

Getting noticed and holding their own!

The guys also dedicated this ride to Cycle for Humanity fund raiser - Working together to get bikes to East Africa!


The lads are training hard and getting psyched up for this year's Baw Baw Classic on April 10. KRD are fielding a team of 5 comprising Nathan Elliott, Gichora Kamau, Geoffrey Langat, Samwel Mwangi and Suleiman Kangangi (in alphabetical order). The Baw Baw Classic is 103 km long with a really mean climb up to the Mount Baw Baw Alpine Resort for the last 6.43 km. The destination altitude is around 1400 m. The course profile shows just how nasty the gradient of the final leg is. One thing’s for certain - everyone is gonna be really hurtin’ when they get to the top. 

Morgan Smith and Nick Miller will be competing as individuals this time.

Will KRD get a podium finish? 

We are barracking for you, KRD!

p.s. KRD feature in Victoria Cycling news.

Video and photos by Simon Blake