Simon Blake

Assistant Sports Director & African Cycling Development

Simon's involvement with cycling in East Africa began in 2010 with the original Kenyan Riders (in Kenya) team. 

Simon arrived in East Africa many years ago as a distance runner and got involved with junior development programs in the town of Iten which is also known as “The Home of Champions" because its residents have a habit of winning gold in marathon and distance events on the international stage. In Iten, Simon learned the hard way that the local guys are quite a lot faster than competition back home in Australia. 

Aside from years of running in Kenya and Australia, Simon also worked in the Outdoor adventure industry as an Outdoor instructor. In that capacity, he taught several outdoor activities such as mountain biking and kayaking. 

Mountain biking is Simon's specialty and he has developed training programs for the sport. He has successfully applied his expertise in mountain biking to developing the road racing skills of junior and team cyclists. One of the methods employed by Simon to develop cycling skills in young Kenyans is building pump tracks in various parts of the country because these facilities encourage the youth to get on bikes, have fun, and in the process acquire important bicycle handling skills.

Simon has been instrumental in opening a new frontier in the cycling world. When in Africa, he identifies and develops talent in rural areas of Kenya. In Europe and Asia, he travels with both Kenyan Riders and BIKE AID to international UCI accredited races.