Simon Kitoti

Talent scout / Coach / Mentor

The problem is as simple to state as it is difficult to solve.

Within a 20km radius of where Simon Kitoti lives are 5 young boys who are talented enough to win the Tour de France. But they a) do not have a bicycle, and/or b) do not know about the sport of professional cycling. Notwithstanding Chris Froome, they do not have role models, or the slightest notion that, given their talent, they can make a career out of the sport.

Simon Kitoti spends almost every waking hour of life in Nakuru filling that knowledge gap.

To that end, he goes to schools and stops whoever he finds on a bike, and invites them to races he holds every quarterly.

Kenyan Riders Nakuru has built a small squad of enthusiastic cyclists, and the first one, John Kariuki, is heading off to Europe for a racing stint in 2017.